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It's time to get acquainted with the WoodandHearts company, which is one of
the most caring producers in the world of premium furniture for children. The idea of our work is to offer the best opportunity for parents and their babies, which will help the kids to develop fine and gross
motor skills. But our premium-quality furniture is not only useful but also very beautiful and there is a wide variety of different styles so that parents can choose the suitable model for any design of the children's room.

The most important thing for us is that our small customers can take full advantage of the proposed products. We want to encourage independence in the growth of the baby and in this way attract parents to be part of the most progressive type of education of the century: the Montessori one.

The main features of Woodandhearts products

Our furniture follows the educational methods of the Italian educator and doctor Maria Montessori, creator of the child growth strategy that is now gaining popularity in children's educational centers and among modern parents. The idea of using this furniture is to create a unique environment that promotes the development of the little one. The child plays practices gymnastics and has fun.
We want to present you the advantages of the Montessori children's room for the kidsplay:

The most important thing for the child is to feel free and comfortable in his room. They don't have to experience any danger or rigidity. It should be the educational center, gym, art studio, and an indoor
playground at the same time;

Another peculiar feature of the Montessori room is its low bed without bars or rods. When a child can get out of bed on their own, it gives them more opportunities to discover the world around them even while climbing and crawling;

We have a wide variety of climbing and education furniture, among which are arches, ramps, triangles of different designs and colors. Each piece of furniture develops certain abilities of the growing organism and helps it to be more autonomous. These can be used to play or study, but the idea is to give the kid the possibility to choose the activity for themselves;

Our furniture is made of natural materials to avoid causing allergies and injuries. On the Woodandhearts page, you can even choose the color of natural wood.

Carefully choose the sizes of the furniture, because no object in the children's room cannot limit the movements and activities of the child, so sometimes it is better to buy a larger piece of furniture than a tight one.

One more hint: while choosing the game furniture, think not only about the image of it but also about the great practical utility. We have already taken care of everything else because the
main objective of us and of the parents is the same: to grow a self-sufficient and self-confident child through the games.

Where can you buy Montessori furniture?
All furniture for babygames can be purchased directly from the Woodandhearts website and also from our partners websites. Check carefully if what you buy is our production, only in this case we can ensure its quality and the safety of the child while playing. If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact our assistant on our official page.


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