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Montessori environment and its components

Montessori environment and its components

An outstanding Italian scientist, anthropologist, philosopher, psychiatrist and psychologist, humanist teacher Maria Montessori (31.08.1870 - 06.05.1952) gained worldwide fame for her unique and effective system of upbringing and teaching young children.

Each child struggles for knowledge and can find all the answers on their own. That is why the main objective of their parents is to help children find this knowledge. To do this, they create a comfortable environment. It deals with furniture and the general freedom of children. They can cook, clean, care for the animals, and wash dishes. The objects that are used are real things, the same ones that adults use.

In Montessori schools, there are different zones, including a natural science zone, a practical life Montessori zone, a sensorial Montessori zone, linguistics, and also mathematics.

All toys in all areas are in places accessible to children so that they can touch and play with what they want either alone or with their friends. In this way, they study to negotiate, collaborate, and wait for their turn. Here we talk about independent play in the Montessori classroom, where nobody bothers children to play.

And what if we talk about the Montessori environment at home? The child needs their playroom from a very young age. That is why the most important thing is to create the most suitable space for them. We can put the special Montessori climbing set there that will allow them to develop gross motor skills, encourage imagination, and provide independence. We can also add a lot of educational wooden furniture to follow Montessori from the start.

Evaluating all the possibilities and options, it is quite easy to understand that the Montessori environment is nothing more than a positive influence on parents and children who grow up in an optimal environment to become great people in the future.

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