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What is the Montessori Arch by WoodandHearts?

What is the Montessori Arch by WoodandHearts?

The Pikler arch is one of the pieces of furniture used in the Pikler method to support children in their motor development; it is also widely used by parents who follow the Montessori parenting method. The arch consists of two arch frames with several bars spanning between them.

The objective is to gradually provide more and more support for a child’s physical and motor development as it evolves over time. Using the Pikler arch, a toddler can climb, maintain balance, descend, crawl, and so forth. Step by step, the children add to their physical and mental abilities, putting their body limits to the test. The Pikler arch is similar to our Balance Board product.

What are Montessori Arches like?

On the Wood And Hearts webpage, you can find arches in two sizes - standard and small. The small size is for toddlers aged between 8 months and 4 years. We do not recommend purchasing the small size for older children, because no object in a Montessori environment should be so small that it limits kid`s movements. The standard size is larger and is designed for children from 2 to 8 years. Adult supervision is advised for whenever children are playing with the Pikler arch.

The color selection available for this product ranges from a natural wood appearance to soft, light colors to bright and vivid rainbow colors.

How can the Montessori Arches can be used?

With these Montessori Arches, kids can use their imaginations to make it a tunnel, a bridge, or a house to play with. They can also put it on the side and use it as a race track for little cars or as a stage for a puppet show. This item can be used with ramps and Montessori triangles to make larger structures in order to train with more energy and fun. 

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