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Montessori furniture set

Montessori furniture set


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Montessori furniture set

The main objective of our company is to help parents in a matter as difficult as the education of the child. We have a wide range of products specially made to enhance the development of gross and fine motor skills. Among them, we have arches, triangles, ramps, balance boards, and many other things.

            Every WoodandHeart worker believes in Maria Montessori's idea of freedom in education and child growth. It is because we opted for the furniture already used in many child development centers in America and Europe based on the principles of Dr. Pikler.

            Many parents agree that Pikler-Montessori furniture is the best option on the market especially because of its influence on the health and growth of the baby.

What are Montessori sets? 

          The standard set includes three elements which are arch, ramp, and triangle. This set can be transformed into a fairy tale house or a gym like that of the parents. Montessori furniture develops not only the child's motor skills but also enhances their imagination and creativity. Don't forget that you can play a lot of great games with a child, creating other ways to enjoy the set.

            If we go back to Montessori principles, it should be mentioned that the bedrooms have to be quite spacious with wooden furniture and natural light. It is not necessary to fill the child's room with many toys and furniture; your little one will be occupied by our sets almost all the time, using them each time in a different way.

Materials, colors, and other features

            When we talk about the Maria Montessori method, we are also dealing with respect for the environment. The child has to grow in harmony and there is nothing more harmonious than pure nature. We prefer natural materials in our production. Parents choose wooden furniture to protect the health and tranquility of their children.

            When choosing the size of the set, pay attention to the age and height of your child so that they feel good entertaining on the set. It does not have to be too big to avoid being a danger but it is not recommended to acquire a set that limits the movements of the toddler.

            With colors, everything is a little more difficult, because there is so much variety that, sometimes, it is impossible to choose. But we assure you that you will find the best option for the children's room, considering its style, your tastes, and the child's ones, of course.

Where to find it and how to buy it?

            The easiest part of getting acquainted with modern and useful Montessori furniture is purchasing and delivery. Avoid suspicious services and confirm the purchase only on our official pages.

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