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Wooden Arch & Rocker For Your Active Toddler

Wooden Arch & Rocker For Your Active Toddler

The main objective of Montessori furniture is to create a safe space for the child. Montessori furniture is generally used in a children’s room, where the child is given complete freedom to master new skills, play, and learn.

All elements of furniture, household items, clothes, toys are situated at a safe distance and direct access for the child. The children have to acquire new abilities and train to take care of themselves. To achieve this, they need some help from the parents:

  • a wardrobe to hang the clothes which would be suitable by height, free to access, and with the proper door weight;
  • a low toy rack to motivate the toddler to take and put toys on their own. In addition to the ability to "order toys", the child also learns to entertain themself, to choose things according to the mood and desire, and in this way step by step they learn to do everything without adults;
  • table and chair for drawing and creativity;
  • a low, safe bed from which the child cannot fall, unless they roll to the floor;
  • shelves with books, albums, coloring pages, and pencils;
  • specials: arches, triangles, rockers, balancing boards, swings, etc.

Arch, triangle or rocker?

Before you start choosing a better educational material for your child, you have to understand well the main difference between arch, triangle, and rocker:

  • The Montessori Triangle is a game element that follows the principles of the educational method, which is a pedagogical trend focused on stimulating the free movement of children. Thanks to its versatility and the many possibilities it offers, it is the star element of the Montessori Method, although it is also often combined with other elements such as the Montessori Cube;
  • The climbing arch and rocker is an all-in-one toy that can be used from both sides. On the one hand, it is a climbing arch that helps children learn new movements and increase their imagination. Meanwhile, when turned upside down, it turns into a seesaw, creating even more ways to play with this toy. Therefore, it will be a great addition to your child's playtime, bringing a lot of joy to them.

We have made the list of the most popular models of wooden arches and rockers for your child. Read the full article to learn more.


Montessori furniture on the market

There are many Montessori furniture manufacturers in the market, we have made a shortlist about the main players and their characteristics:

  1. Woodandhearts furniture. It is a company with all the necessary quality certificates to be a strong competitor in the Montessori furniture market. Follow the principles of healthy and effective development of the little ones. All Woodandhearts products are made from natural materials such as wood. There are Triangles, Arches, Towers, Climbing Ramps, Balance Boards, and so on.
  2. Wiwiurka The company already has more than 10 years of experience and is also well established in the market. In this case, it all started with the construction of open play areas for children. That is why their assortment includes different wooden swings and play stands. In 2015 they changed their focus and started making indoor children's furniture. Their current furniture focuses more on the Waldorf pedagogy but with a visible influence of the Montessori method.
  3. Home4dreams furniture. It is a relatively new company. It was formed in 2017 and is still developing. Their main focus is ecologically made Their production is widely exported and they have earned many positive reviews from their customers. You can also find different wooden toys and triangles on their website.
  4. RAD Children’s Furniture. The company is based in California and all furniture is produced in Los Angeles. They emphasize that they control the quality themselves without partners or third parties. You can find the cubes, triangles, balancing boards, shelves, arches, and many other things on their website. Their design is very simple and minimalist and that is why it does not suit everyone.

Woodandhearts furniture

The idea of the existence of WoodandHearts company is to help parents in the education of their children. The company's products are carefully elaborated to work with each child's gross and fine motor development. This task is not finished in a day and it is not completed with one thing. For many years WoodandHearts has continued to offer educational furniture for the little ones and can now present a wide range of accessories. Among them, there are arches, triangles, ramps, balance boards, and many other things.

Since many of Woodandhearts's workers are parents themselves, they understand the importance of freedom in children's education and growth. The models of this furniture are widely used in child development centers in America and Europe based on Montessori principles. The one thing that sets Woodandhearts furniture apart is the energy and love that adds to each product.

Many parents agree that Montessori principles are the best option in the educational market for their children and Woodandhearts is the best tool in embodying the basic principles of Montessori in life.

Montessori Arch by Woodandhearts

Montessori Arch is a type of bridge for children with many cross-boards that make it look like a ladder. It doesn't take much imagination to use it, especially when it comes to children. It can be used in many different ways, such as making a tunnel, using it as a bridge, and even as a house to play with friends or toys. It also combines very well with Montessori ramps and triangles to vary the constructions to make them more difficult and interesting for children.

Climbing, running, crawling, and even resting with the Montessori Arch will bring not only delight but also great development of the child's fine and gross motor skills.

The objective of using it is to achieve the psychic and motor development of the child, following their natural rhythms. With the different Montessori furniture, the child climbs, maintains their balance, goes up, down, crawls, etc. Little by little psychomotor skills are improving by testing the limits of kid’s body. The Montessori arch is very similar to the Waldorf seesaw.

Montessori Triangle by Woodandhearts

Montessori triangles by Woodandhearts are a ladder slide for kids. Parents prefer to use them for the little ones from 1 year to 4 years because of the list of characteristics: their low height, ease of grip, little distance between the bars, angle of inclination, compactness. The design was thought to meet all the needs of the actively developing organism. During the game with the child, you can establish a house, a tunnel, etc. under the triangle. Also, the children's ladder does not need to be attached to the floor or wall! It is very easy to transport it from room to room or to fold and store it.

The idea of ​​this piece of furniture is to encourage the development of child's autonomy to promote their independence. Considering the rules of furnishing the children's room, it must be remembered that the main task of parents is to create circumstances in which the child wants and can do everything to grow. Adults in this case only accompany their children, which may seem more passive than the usual pattern of their behavior.

Advantages of Woodandhearts triangles:

  • Better knowledge of one's own body and its limits;
  • Increased safety and self-confidence of the child;
  • Movements become more synchronized and harmonious;
  • The quality of learning and emotional and affective development is increased;
  • Improved brain maturation;
  • Integration of primitive reflexes;
  • Greater knowledge of space and the possibilities of movement.

On the Wood And Hearts website, you can find triangles in four sizes: mini, small, standard and large. We do not recommend using the mini ones with children over 4 years old. That can be dangerous and not correspond to Montessori principles. The most important thing is that a child has complete freedom of movement. The small ones are more spacious and are designed for children from birth to 6 years old who are already more active. Standard size triangle is perfect for children aged 2-6 years old and large size triangle will be the number one choice for parents with more than kid as it is suitable for kids up to 8 years old. Anyway, check the safety conditions before using any piece of furniture.

The colors of the triangles are so different that you can choose anyone for any bedroom design. All the colors are soft but very vivid, from natural wood to rainbow one.

Montessori Rocker by Woodandhearts

Montessori Rocker is very similar to a Montessori Arch, but it is already a seesaw. Using an arch for this purpose is not recommended. There are many ways to use it, but the distinguishing feature of this piece of furniture is the development of coordination of a child. It can be used with two children at the same time, look carefully through the Woodandheart options.

There are two sizes of Montessori Rocker - Standard and Small. The small one can be used only from 8 months to 4 years, and the standard from 2 to 8 years. All rockers are made of natural materials for the safety of your child. Check the store's official website to find the best size and color option.


The following year the Woodandhearts assortment is expected to expand, monitor the official website announcements to be the first to follow Montessori principles and raise a self-sufficient and happy child. Also often you can find discounts and beneficial offers for parents on company’s social media channels.

We hope this article has helped you find the best option for your child. Always be attentive to the needs of the little one to stimulate their healthy and effective development.

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