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Pikler Triangles

Pikler Triangles

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Pikler Triangles

Nowadays there is a huge variety of toys and furniture for children of any age. We know that each parent looks for the best for their child. That is why we are here to offer you the option that we consider one of the most interesting and useful in the modern market. WoodandHearts is a company that follows the principles of the natural and active development of the kid. The educational materials made by Maria Montessori and the practices elaborated by Dr. Emmi Pikler have helped us a lot.
In each of our products you can see the care and total passion for our work and our small consumers: arches, ramps, triangles, accessories, and much more.

What are Montessori triangles?

The Montessori Triangle is a ladder slide for kids. Playing and doing exercises on the triangle contributes to developing the baby's motor skills and agility, and strengthens the muscle corset. Simultaneously with the development of physical skills, exercises on the triangle teach the children to understand their body, feel it in space, and develop a sense of balance. The kid, of their own free will, will independently begin to master new ways of movement, new postures, and capabilities of the body. And this happens without any direct help from parents. The children will enjoy their activities, their movements; they will have a desire to keep going and be active. Such children subsequently have better control over their bodies, fall less, and feel more confident.

Materials, colors and other features

All of our furniture is made of birch wood and plywood. We follow the principles of a healthy and ecological developing environment for children. Using our triangles, a child cannot get hurt or fall due to the quality of our production. In addition, it is always healthier to breathe and live among wooden furniture and not plastic one.
The constructions are adjustable for children of different ages and various needs. We ensure that every parent can find the best option for their toddler.
We propose a wide range of colors that will be at ease for each room and each child regardless of gender, age, and their or parents’ preferences.

Where to find it and how to buy it?

Be careful with the web pages that sell our production. If it is not an official site, it may be a scam. We have several distributors, but it is always best to buy from our main store or reach us at WoodandHearts USA Instagram page if there are any questions. The process is very easy and fast. You just have to choose the furniture you need, go to the purchase menu, enter the corresponding data and receive the best gift for your little one.
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