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Mini set (8 mo - 4 yo)

Miniセット(8ヶ月 ~4歳)

Montessori mini-set from 8-month-old to 4 years old

            The Montessori Method is the unique strategy of child development, which over time is gaining more popularity among modern parents who want the best for their baby. If you are here, that means that you have already opted for the healthy and ecological vision that promotes the autonomy of the little one. Maria Montessori, the developer of the method was the expert child pedagogue, who created the system that we now use to produce our furniture.

All parents like to imagine their kids discovering space terrains or finding medicines against incurable diseases, we offer the option to help them become self-sufficient and discover their talent, which can be anyone. Remember, that each kid can be a genius in the thing that it likes. And the playground we offer is the first step to achieving it.

What are the purpose, functionality, and other features of the mini-set for children?

            This set is designed for most little ones and can be applied to children from eight months since they are already able to crawl and try to get on their feet. Older children up to four years old can already perform more complicated tricks using this set and vary the games to their liking. The items included are foldable climbing triangles, ramps, and arches that form a space for children's play. Everything has been thought of in this piece of furniture: from the quality of the materials to the natural and attractive design, both for kids and for their parents.

            The materials chosen for the sets are 100% natural, all our furniture is made from high-class polished birch plywood. This material is very durable and will serve you for as many children as you want to have. One more advantage of natural materials is that the child can touch them, lick them, bite them without any risk of allergy or itching. We also want to emphasize the sizes of this one, because it is quite spacious for the baby but quite appropriate for almost any size of children's room.

Why is it advisable to buy the Woodandheart mini-set?

Montessori furniture is the best opportunity for parents who think of their babies from birth and highly appreciate each year of their lives. As far as the complete development includes many things among which is the physical development appropriate to the age and abilities of the child, we have to consider this aspect while choosing the furniture.

We are a specialist company focused on strengthening the body and psyche of our little users. Check it now, consult our online chat and choose the color of the desired mini-set.

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