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Indoor play taken to a next level Revolutionized Indoor Home Playground by WoodandHearts

Indoor play taken to a next level Revolutionized Indoor Home Playground by WoodandHearts

Physical activity directly impacts a child's health and development pace and is closely linked to cognitive growth. While adults may sometimes forget the rule “Movement is life,” infants require consistent age-appropriate activity and play from the earliest months of life. It allows them to strengthen muscles, become agile, explore new facets of their abilities, and continuously surpass themselves.

Providing kids with active and beneficial games is much easier when using a Large Playground Climber with two towers, two houses beneath them, and a connecting bridge, facilitating movement and exploration. Its flexible design, complemented by a drawing board, encourages independent play and creative expression. Revolutionary in essence, the Indoor Playground for Home is designed according to Montessori principles, not only entertaining toddlers but also enabling exploration, skill development, and the daily discovery of new ways to play.

The uniqueness of this wooden playhouse lies in its indoor suitability, allowing placement in nurseries or creating a play area in the living room: nearly every home has enough space for an Indoor Play Structure. This innovative kit, designed for kids aged 8 months to 8 years, surpasses conventional play structures, offering a dynamic environment for active and imaginative play.

Indoor Home Playground: The Best Place to Play

This fun indoor playground is a versatile solution, offering numerous beneficial activities from climbing to creative exploration. It opens up endless possibilities, encompassing both active play and creative self-expression.

Best Activities Offered by Indoor Play Structure

With its structure and durability, the indoor play structure offers a multitude of physical exercises to enhance overall motor skills, balance, and coordination. Moreover, incorporating imaginative play elements stimulates cognitive development and nurtures creativity. 

Learning to Write and Draw on the Board

The integrated drawing board on the large playground climber provides kids with an excellent opportunity to develop basic writing skills. Parents can encourage their little ones to practice drawing figures, letters, and simple illustrations. 

School or Preschool Games

Let the child pretend to be the teacher for toys. Now, the toddler has to organize educational activities for their “students.” 

Hide and Seek Games

An Indoor Playground for Home, equipped with curtains for the lower level, creates conditions for cozy hideouts.  This classic game encourages active play and social interaction, strengthening bonds between siblings and friends.

Fantastic Adventures

Kids can turn the Indoor Home Playground into a grand castle fit for princesses and knights. With its tall construction and versatile design, the climber becomes the centerpiece of thrilling role-playing adventures. 

Multi-Child Tower and Fun Visits

The play climber offers endless opportunities for shared games for families with siblings. Each child can “own” a part of the tower, decorating and personalizing their designated areas according to their preferences. They can then visit each other's "territories," exchange stories, play games, and collaborate. 

It is not an exhaustive list of all the activities available with the indoor home playground. You can supplement and expand it based on your own experience.

Safety Comes First with Indoor Playground for Home

Made of natural beech wood and birch plywood, devoid of sharp corners, and constructed to withstand at least 60 kg, the large playground climber offers a safe space for every game your little ones organize in their room. Furthermore, the surface is covered with eco-friendly paints and non-toxic varnishes, making the play environment durable and safe.

Unlock New Play and Development Opportunities with the Indoor Home Playground!

Designed according to Montessori principles, the Indoor Playground for Home surpasses ordinary play structures, becoming a revolutionary addition to your child's world. Its multifunctional design provides endless opportunities for play and mastery of new useful skills.

So, if you're still unsure whether to equip your home with such a climber, this is the sign you've been waiting for. This structure opens up so many exciting possibilities for your child that you no longer need to think about what to do at home today. 

Give your child a world of exciting and captivating adventures with our Large Playground Climber and don't miss a special discount offer with coupon BR1DGE!
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Can the Indoor Home Playground accommodate multiple children at once?

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The Indoor Home Playground can accommodate multiple children and is tested to withstand a load of up to 100 kg. However, for safety reasons, the recommended maximum load for use is 60 kg.

Are the arch and ramp positions interchangeable?

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The climbing arch and ramp offer versatility in their design, allowing for flexible configurations based on individual preferences and space constraints. Parents can adjust their positions to create unique layouts and play experiences for their kids, ensuring endless possibilities for creative play and exploration.

Does the Indoor Playground for Home come with a warranty?

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The Indoor Playground for Home is protected by a 2-year warranty that guarantees its quality and durability.

How is the slide attached to the climber?

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The double-sided ramp is designed for safe play, with secure attachments and safety features such as Velcro and smooth edges to prevent accidents or injuries.