Montessori Step Ladder

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  • From birth to growth - wide age range
  • Easy to carry within your home

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Frequently asked questions

Can the Montessori Step Ladder be used as a table and chair?

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This ladder can serve as a table and chair. So, it's not just for reaching things high up; it's also a space for kids to do activities like drawing or playing. It's like having a few things in one!

Can the protective cover be washed?

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The protective cover should not be washed. To keep it clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Always make sure to dry the protective cover thoroughly after cleaning to preserve its quality.

How does the Montessori Step Ladder promote kid’s independence?

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The Montessori Step Ladder is like a little helper for kids. It lets them reach things on their own, so they feel proud and can do things by themselves. This helps them become more confident and independent.

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