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Kids Room Organization for a Girl

Kids Room Organization for a Girl

Not every girl dreams of becoming a princess, but everyone needs a properly organized space to grow, develop and realize her dreams in small steps. The Montessori approach follows the preferences and inclinations of the child, so there is never universal advice on how to organize space in a children's room for one or two girls. We will try to provide general recommendations in this article, but you should still be based on the real situation: what your children really like, and whether there is enough space in the room to furnish the space as desired.

However, with a little creativity and planning, you can create an organized and functional space that both parents and children will enjoy. Our mission is to provide practical tips and ideas for organizing a girl's room to help create a comfortable, safe, functional space that reflects your daughter's unique interests.

Things you can't do without: features of Montessori children's room furniture

The bed is the heart of any bedroom, so let's start furnishing with this element. The Montessori approach offers children maximum independence from an early age, so the crib should be low or floor-level so that the children can climb or stand up by themselves. This plan's beds are safe and functional:

  • Montessori beds for newborns and toddlers have protective rails that protect the baby from involuntarily rolling out of the cradle. When the child is active, the bed turns into a safe playpen without sharp corners or other potentially dangerous elements. When your daughter grows up, you can remove the protective rails, and the cradle will turn into a regular bed.
  • Toddlers love to help choose a bed, so just give them options. The most interesting models are house beds and teepees because they contribute to a comfortable rest and provide fun and useful play opportunities. And not only. For example, a wigwam is the best place for reading, and the rails that form the house’s roof are suitable for physical exercises.
  • When there are two children in the room, the choice of bed depends on the difference in age, gender, and personal qualities of the child. One large bed may be suitable for twins, while for children with a certain age difference, it is more comfortable to use a bunk bed.

Where to put everything to get rid of the chaos in the room?

Keep the things you need now at hand. Those related to the next season, for growth, or those from which the child has already grown, can be put on the mezzanine so that they do not interfere. The rest of the things can be cleverly stored in a chest of drawers for children's clothes and underwear. You can also buy a small wardrobe to help the child independently choose a look for tomorrow. This will accustom the child to order, develop taste, and contribute to developing independence.

You should select a separate shelf or cabinet at the child's height so that the girl can store her toys or books here. Thus, she can have fun in the room even without the participation of adults. Look for the best and the sweetest cabinet options in the Angel collection.

Rules for arranging the play, study, and recreation area

Mandatory elements in this zone should be:

  • A table for playing and studying and a lamp with additional lighting
  • Pouf or armchair for relaxation
  • A soft carpet so that the child is warm and comfortable to play on the ground

You can also add wall decorations with bright pictures and soft toys here. They will create a cozy, soft atmosphere that fits your daughter's interests.

Beauty salon in the children's room

Maintaining a neat appearance is as important as reading or counting skills. And to teach a girl to monitor the condition of her clothes or hair, she needs a mirror. Choose a mirror with a safety glass for the nursery. 

Safety and comfort elements in the girl’s kids' room

Arranging a children's room resembles filling a large vessel with pebbles of different sizes. And if furnishing ‌the stage with pebbles of the largest size, then the next step is to fill the space with smaller elements. However, it does not make them less important. In  this section we will discuss how to form safe and comfortable room for your daughter.

We assume that you have already found a good bed, and have come up with the best option for its location in the room. The next step: choosing a mattress. According to safety rules, it should have medium stiffness and fit tightly to the base of the bed without creating gaps. It is better to choose bed linen and bedspreads from natural and high-quality fabrics that do not cause allergies, irritatation or harm the child's health.

Blackout curtains and night light for comfort and peace of mind during sleep

If it is difficult for a child to fall asleep, the reason for this may be excessive excitement of the nervous system. The organization of healthy sleeping habits, in particular, creating a favorable and relaxing atmosphere, helps greatly in this regard. Experts advise covering the windows so that streetlights coming from cars, lanterns, or moonlight does not enter the room. Instead, you should put a night lamp with a muted, soft light in the room. By the way, make sure that the outlet is safe and working. When the child begins to use various gadgets on his own, for example, a phone, then it is worth monitoring the serviceability of chargers.

And while we are talking about the safety and health of the child, we will occasionally remind you about the need to maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels. This allows you to understand when it is better to turn on additional heating, and when there is a need for additional humidification. Fix the corresponding meters on the wall, but not at the level of the heating radiators, because the data obtained in this way will not be accurate.

Color and design in your daughter’s room

The design of a little girl's room is advised to be based on a favorite hero or fairy tale. It helps the child to feel safe. However, including such elements in the interior ensures you can change them easily and quickly because, over time, the child's tastes and favorite characters change. When it comes to shades, besides the traditional pink, which has already become a classic, you can choose a design in pastel tones for a girl's room. It is equally beautiful but still practical, as these shades adapt well to different styles and perfectly complement each other.

But what will remain unchanged is your daughter's name. Order personalized decor and toys with the child's name so your daughter feels that this is her space, property, and treasure. Thanks to this, she will feel safe and feel that this is a place where she is loved. This is the best feeling you can give your child; it will stay with her for life.

Wrapping up

When a baby is just born, it seems that it will always be so small. But your little girl will grow up faster than you can imagine. Therefore, we advise you to choose universal colors, adaptive design, and functional furniture that will serve for a long time, or that can be easily replaced with others, suitable for a child's age and needs, without radically changing the entire interior of the room.

Instead, invest in the comfort and health of your daughter, in her development and independence. Let her have these things:

  • A comfortable bed and a chair that protects a healthy posture,
  • A comfortable table at which it is convenient to engage in creativity or study,
  • A place where she can store clothes and easily get them without waiting for mom to pick up her wardrobe.

Invest in fundamental things when arranging a children's room, and create the design gradually, always considering your daughter's childhood dreams.

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