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Kids Wooden Play Table

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  • Deliver to 60+ countries
  • From birth to growth - wide age range
  • Easy to carry within your home

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Frequently asked questions

Which chair is recommended to go with the Kids' Wooden Play Table?


The recommended chair to pair with the Kids' Wooden Play Table is the solid Preschool Chair or the Dewdrop Daycare Chair with round cutouts. These chairs complement the table's design and offer ergonomic support for young learners.

What is the length of a tabletop?


The tabletop has a length of 140 cm, equivalent to 55 inches, providing ample space for two children to comfortably engage in various activities.

How many height options does the Kid's Wooden Play Table have?


The Kid's Wooden Play Table offers two height adjustment options, allowing you to customize it according to your child's needs and activities.

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