My kids, was always my inspiration, I started work with wood when understand, that plastic toys are not good for health of my kids. All I do now it just because of my sweet family.

For many years our team has been developing and produce furniture for kids, first of all for happy, but and for healthy life.

We put your aim in creating eco friendly products, that it way, we use only water based lacquer, and paints, all of them completly safe for our kids, even if kids will bite furniture it never will bring allergic results.

As main designer I started this business, when I read books about Montessori, and Pikler's work in parenting kids, all their methods was working with my kids, it's really gooda ideas, and aproches, And that it way all methods which I use for producing kids furniture, I took from Montessori approach, and method of Dr. Emmi Pikler's .


3524 Silverside Road Suite 35B
Wilmington Delaware
19810 United States

Monday - Thursday, 12:00 to 23:00
Friday & Saturday, 12:00 to 00:00
Sunday, Closed

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