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How to Choose Montessori Toys for 5 Year Olds?

How to Choose Montessori Toys for 5 Year Olds?

Five-year-old children are so curious and inquisitive that parents sometimes wonder how so many questions can arise in a child's mind in just one minute. They also become very confident and unstoppable. 

Indeed, when kids turn five, they usually start achieving some amazing things! They know a lot, can easily count up to 20, tell whole stories, and even start learning to read. On this milestone, preschoolers become more independent with things like dressing and eating. Plus, they start to understand basic math concepts like adding and subtracting, and they're great at solving puzzles. Their memories also get better at this age so that they can remember events more easily!

How to choose Montessori toys for five-year-olds?

First, let's define what sets Montessori toys for five-year-olds apart from conventional options.

Montessori Toys Features 

Montessori toys are indeed somewhat different. They are simple and multifunctional, making them ideal for open-ended play while also preventing overwhelm in children, which can occur with overly bright, noisy, or complex toys. Such sensory stimulation can be exhausting for sensitive children.

The ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality begins to develop in children after the age of 6, and until then, these boundaries are very conditional. While it's essential to develop children's imagination and creativity, it's preferable to do so through fun games and creative activities. However, it's best to choose toys based on real-life scenarios. This also helps children understand the relation of these items to the world around them.

The use of natural materials in the production of Montessori toys is a key feature. This is because children up to the age of 5 are in a stage of active sensory development. It's desirable for them to have as many diverse sensory and tactile experiences as possible, and this experience should be beneficial and enjoyable. Synthetic and plastic toys do not meet these criteria. Instead of these materials, it's better to opt for quality toys for five-year-olds.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Toys for 5-Year-Olds?

Montessori toys should be designed to focus on developing one skill at a time and help keep children engaged while learning. They should be simple, with solid colors, few moving parts, and not too flashy or noisy. The toys should provide organized information and encourage the child to interact with them on their own terms.

Montessori toys should be materials that require the child to participate actively. They should be easy to manipulate, hold, and interact with, facilitating the development of the child's decision-making skills and independence.

Most importantly, observe the child, noticing which activities, themes, and games they enjoy and are excited about. This will help parents choose the toys that a five-year-old will play with great pleasure.

Must-have Montessori toys for 5-Year-Olds

There are a variety of Montessori toys that are perfect for five-year-olds. Some must-have Montessori toys for five-year-olds include:

Climbing Frames: A Compact Playground in the Kids' Room

Choose a Swedish ladder or a Jungle Gym Tower to provide beneficial indoor activities for your child. Montessori climbing frames are perfect for enhancing creative thinking, balance, coordination, and muscle strength. They help children develop at their own pace, invent countless games, and perform interesting and beneficial exercises. It's an excellent way for energetic five-year-olds to not only have fun but also develop new useful skills.

Explore the World of Benefits with a Balance Board

A Montessori Balance Board is the perfect gift for both girls and boys. Preschoolers can train their vestibular apparatus, improve balance, and use additional features, depending on the balance board's design. For example,

  • Straight balance boards can be used as benches or part of an obstacle course.
  • Some balance board models can be flipped over and used as climbing arches.
  • A balance board with a cushion on ties can transform into a cozy corner for a child to relax.

Wooden Toy Kitchens

Toy kitchens for 5-year-olds are an excellent opportunity to replicate everything they see in their regular kitchen. For example, they can play with toy vegetables, imagine themselves as chefs, and set the table for their toys. If a child shows interest in household chores, such a toy will be genuinely exciting for them as it is perfect for imaginative play.

Wooden Steps Puzzle: A Game That Unites the Whole Family

The Wooden Steps Puzzle is a game designed to bring the whole family together. It typically consists of wooden pieces that need to be arranged to form a staircase or a sequence of steps. It's a fun and engaging activity that promotes bonding and problem-solving skills. For a 5-year-old, such an activity is beneficial as it requires attention to detail, accuracy, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination and promotes social interaction. Children can cooperate with other family members to find the right paths and ways to take the right steps.

Watercolor Painting Set

Such art supplies allow for the development of artistic talent and the expression of creativity. Kids can experiment with colors, create unique paintings, and discover new painting methods. Additionally, watercolor painting promotes the development of fine motor skills and coordination as they control the brush and movements while working with paints. It also stimulates their creative imagination and contributes to the development of visual thinking. Moreover, watercolor painting can be a relaxing activity that helps children relax and distract from stress or anxious thoughts. Finally, watercolors are easily washable with water, making them safe and convenient for home use.

You can also offer five-year-olds activities such as bead stringing, pattern blocks, and playing musical instruments. Additionally, involving children in practical activities at home or outdoors, such as cleaning the room, planting flowers, and taking care of pets, is worthwhile. These toys and activities will help prepare the child for the next leap in their development and help them feel confident among peers and friends and in the educational environment.

Most importantly, all the suggested options are captivating for children and are enjoyed by preschoolers. This is the kind of activity that is beneficial but does not need to be forced upon the child.


A thoughtful selection of Montessori toys for 5-year-olds can support their growth, creativity, and enjoyment of learning. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child the best possible start in life and choose the best options that your kids will adore

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What are the key features to look for in Montessori toys for 5-year-olds?

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Montessori toys for 5-year-olds should be simple, engaging, and made of natural materials to promote sensory exploration. They should also focus on developing specific skills such as fine motor control, problem-solving, and creativity.

How can I ensure that the Montessori toys I choose are developmentally appropriate?

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To ensure developmental appropriateness, consider the child's interests, abilities, and stage of development. Look for toys that offer varying levels of challenge, encourage independent play, and allow for open-ended exploration and discovery.

Are there specific types of Montessori toys that are recommended for 5-year-olds?

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For 5-year-olds, recommended Montessori toys include balance boards, wooden puzzles, building blocks, art supplies, and practical life materials like child-sized tools or kitchen sets. These toys promote physical activity, cognitive development, and imaginative play.