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Montessori furniture

WoodandHearts is the perfect place for parents looking to provide their children with high-quality, safe Montessori furniture. Our founder's goal is to provide the best physical upkeep for your kids by replacing plastic toys with wooden ones. He started on a note that proved detrimental effects from playing around too much in synthetic environments, which can be more harmful than good!

We have a wide range of children's furniture to keep your little one entertained while they learn to manage their time and stay active and healthy. With fun games like gym, ramps, and arches, you can be sure as not only do they offer good exercise but are also educationally stimulating! No matter what set we pick up from our collection, there'll always be something new for them!

What Do We Deal With?

We deal exclusively with all sorts of wooden Montessori furniture, so you know what kind your kids are dealing with, without any doubts about its safety. All because it has been proven time after again just how great these materials are at helping develop intelligence while also providing fun activities like a climbing arches, ramps, foldable triangles, etc!!

We feature lovely products that are not only safe for kids to use but also guarantee their happiness. You won't be worrying about any harmful side effects because our team takes care of everything! We take considerable care in producing our products and ensure that every item is brought to perfect condition with your safety as the utmost priority.

None of our furniture emits harmful substances or poses any allergies for those who might be sensitive towards them! Our team has even gone so far as to make sure that your child's health stays the primary concern; all steps have been taken before delivering these items off of the truckstop shelf right into your home - you'll never need to worry again when purchasing from us ☺️

Why Us?

Many parents find that their kids are less fussy when it comes to furniture. Our toddler gym is perfect for those who want the best of indoor playtime!

It encourages child development by giving your kids the chance of climbing and playing on furniture pieces without any obstacles while also assisting with movement skills such as agility or reaction time due to its many interactive features like climbing triangles, arches, ramps, etc. These prevent flat-footedness in kids because they correctly use all parts of their feet.

You will be proud to give our sets as gifts because they are durable, safe, and fun. Our wood designs ensure your children learn while playing with quality materials that last for years in a growing child’s room or aboard.

➤ Our sets encourage mental development like improving coordination skills which make studying more effective when combined; the environment becomes more organized due to the organization of furniture pieces around the house.

Ease the responsibility off your shoulders by sharing it with woodandhearts who care about your child just as much as you do!

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