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Set of three items

The climbing furniture is manufactured from high-class polished birch plywood. The products are efficiently tested at a load of 100 kg, but the maximum weight for use is 60kg - we make sure that everything will be brought to perfect condition! It's safe for children: with our paint colors, you can enjoy painting without worries because they're all environmentally friendly and free from toxic chemicals, which means happy kids who love playing outside just like yours do too!!

Montessori teaching is all about independence and imagination. It's no wonder then that climbing sets are a fundamental part of developing these qualities for children! The process helps them learn how much control they have over their bodies and encourages exploration outside the box (literally).

Climbing sets like one of these foundations for Montessori teachings help children learn how they are able and capable in ways no matter what challenges come their way while encouraging imagination!

➤ Our furniture is CE and CPC certified due to the significant international toy safety Larges, including EN71, ASTM F963, 16CFR, and 15USC 1278a.

What Does This Set Offer?

In this climbing set, children can safely explore their body limits while developing independence. The toy also encourages and builds on imagination because it provides more than just developmental tools - the whole world!

The triangles fold up into small spaces so you won't have problems storing them when they're done being used, which will save your area too.

Climbing sets are a great way to help children develop their physical strength and coordination. By climbing up and down the set, children work their muscles and improve their balance and coordination. This can help them when they start learning to walk and run and when they play sports later in life. Climbing sets are also a fun way for children to exercise, essential for their health and development.

What Should You Get A Set-Of-Three Baby Gym?

Gyms for babies are vital because they help babies learn how to move their bodies. They also help babies coordinate their movements, which is essential for later development.

Parents can help their children develop motor skills that are directly linked to future brain development by buying baby gym equipment. They also ensure that the kids have fun while they play because babies love to be entertained by colorful toys and other forms of entertainment.

Infant gyms are designed with safety in mind, so you don't have to worry about your baby getting hurt. A lot of equipment can be carried around to use them in different parts of the house and when traveling as well.

Baby gyms also help parents bond with their children and spend quality time with them while playing with educational toys and other forms of entertainment.

Montessori furniture has many advantages, such as improving coordination and concentration. It is also possible to study while having fun in this type of environment because it can be used by children or adults in any setting - not just in classrooms! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our set-of-three wooden Montessori furniture now to provide unparalleled benefits for you and your kids! 

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Set of three Montessori items Foldable triangle Climbing Arch Rock Standard Size

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