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Nächster Geschäftstag Versand für Sets von drei Artikeln im Farbnatürlichen Holz!

Large set (2-8 yo)

Großes Set (2-8 yo)



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Großes Set (2-8 yo)

Montessori large set from 2 to 8 years old

            The Woodandhearts company is one of the largest producers of Montessori children's furniture. Maria Montessori's methodology is completely focused on the child itself and its main task is to promote the healthy and harmonious development of the kid. For our part, we offer all the necessary tools to help parents create the appropriate environment in the children's room. Many adults have already chosen this opportunity as the most suitable for their kids, join them and see the results with your own eyes!

All our furniture is compatible with each other, that's why we have thought of sets for children that contain everything they need. We want to present our pride in long-lasting work and its result, which is the large set for kids from 2 to eight years old.

What are the purpose, functionality, and other features of the large set for children?

            The great set includes 3 objects of a large size that are Climbing Arch, Climbing ramp, and Climbing Triangle. The idea of its use is to develop fine and gross motor skills that directly influence the brain centers and strengthen basic abilities such as orienting in space or balancing, for example. The use of these objects is completely safe if they meet the age requirements. Therefore, if your baby is under two years of age, we highly recommend paying attention to the small or mini set.

            The children's task is to explore the eternal world through our furniture, so don't be surprised if the child finds non-traditional uses for the elements of this set. The most popular use is to hide under the Climbing Triangle or put a blanket in the Climbing Arch  "building" a little house for the game.

            The main task of parents is to find the safest and most effective methods for the development of their child and that is what we deal with. All furniture is made from 100 percent natural materials, so we can guarantee that you won't have any problems with allergies or rashes. On the other hand, you can choose what you want among the wide variety of colors, the color of natural wood is favorite among parents, but you also have to think about the child and perhaps choose something more bright.

Why is it advisable to buy the Woodandheart large set?

The answer is simple, because we have a very powerful tool that will help you, as the parent, and the baby, achieve the goals set, including health and mental growth issues. You can buy any of our products on our official website or the pages of our partners. We also recommend contacting the online assistant to answer your questions.

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