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How can my children  avoid SCREEN addiction using WoodandHearts?

How can my children avoid SCREEN addiction using WoodandHearts?

Technology is advancing at a constant and rapid pace, causing everyday people’s lives to change in equally rapid ways, but things don’t always change for the better. One unfortunate recent development is young children’s new dependence on watching screens for limitless entertainment.


Excessive screen time  is proven to negatively affect children’s physical and psychological development in numerous  ways.

 Regular use of electronic devices without adult supervision can:

  • Hamper normal physical growth and development;
  • Lessen proper psychological development;
  • Create the delay in cognitive function development;
  • Enhances the risk of learning disabilities;
  • Create problems with achieving proper diction.

Can this harm possibly be avoided without complete reclusion from modern technology?

At WoodandHearts, we strongly believe that this is possible. Our research states that many of the problems mentioned above are a result of uninvolved parents entrusting important steps of nurturing their children to iPads and social media, reducing natural interaction with their children, and ignoring some of the best proven pedagogical practices.

Our eco-friendly furniture and playsets can provide a simple yet useful catalyst to productive playtime based on the discoveries of Montessori, Pikler, and Steiner.

Our playset helps parent in multiple ways:

  • It develops a child's attentiveness, independence, and discipline;
  • Playing with it simultaneously spurs imagination and offers ample natural exercise; it puts up enough of the challenge to stimulate proper natural development;
  • Play-ducation sets indirectly help children to develop speech and vocality;
  • Daily activities with the playset are proven to enhance cognitive functions in the children;
  • Our play-ducation set helps children learn how to focus and encourages them to explore surrounding objects as well as the features and functions of those objects.
  • It is important that a child’s hobbies are exciting, interesting, and wholesome – this all is possible with WoodandHearts. The more time children spend with educational games, the more likely electronics will not affect them negatively. Later on in life, the parents’ efforts to keep their children off of screens and more into learning will be handsomely rewarded as the reduced screen time will make the adult children more disciplined and wise.
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