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WoodandHearts is here to help during the pandemic

WoodandHearts is here to help during the pandemic

Stress levels are on the rise during the pandemic throughout the world. Fear of illness, harsh social restrictions, and the overwhelming climate of uncertainty are just a few things that every individual is subject to. These challenges tend to put even more stress on families with children. Some negative results of the quarantining lifestyle for families include:

  • Stress due to the disappearance of usual daily routines;
  • Inappropriately increased time commitment to household chores (according to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, parents spend on average 52 hours a week on household chores during the lockdown - many times more than usual);
  • Increased psychological stress and anxiety for parents;
  • A depressed state for children;
  • Reduced opportunities for physical activity needed for children.

All these problems further worsen the situation for both parents and children in terms of psyche and personal development.

WoodandHearts can help parents resolve the issues regarding children’s unnatural, forced state of inactivity:

  • Each piece of our playset is designed to provide a set of unique physical and logical challenges that will keep children busy;
  • The playset creates a relaxing playroom environment, and the product is sure to entertain and satisfy the user(s);
  • Our wood products are built according to the Pickler system. Parents can be assured that the time they spend with their child will be maximally beneficial and productive;
  • There is no need to use up time thinking of ways to keep children busy - our playset will provide parents with some free by offering children an engaging and useful toy;
  • The playset is designed based on the tried-and-true pedagogical concepts of Pickler, Montessori, and Steiner;
  • The climbing Playset from WoodandHearts satisfies European toy safety standards; each part is made from high-quality wood with a beautiful combination of birch and beech woods.
This product gives structure to children’s playtime plans, which is beneficial for them overall. Furthermore, choosing among the numerous activities made possible with this climbing set can help children and parents alike have more control in their household during these lengthy pandemic months. A furniture toy set inspired by some of the world’s greatest child psychologists is surely the way to go when looking for a meaningful and worthwhile product for your children during the pandemic.
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