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Montessori furniture for children's development

Montessori furniture for children's development

The educational method developed by Maria Montessori focuses on the psychological nature and adult attitude of a preschool environment, as well as the appropriate furniture that helps preschool-aged children develop strong and healthy characteristics. There is a wide selection of Montessori furniture sold, but it is important to choose the right furniture to match the child’s age and activity level. Here are some key values of the Montessori system that WoodAndHearts incorporates into its products:

  • Freedom and simplicity. Our furniture does not restrict the child's movement. It fits well in any indoor area and can easily be assembled and disassembled due to its simple design;
  • Development of fine motor skills. Any activity involving using objects with the hands develops a child's fine motor skills. Our furniture is built to allow children perform detailed tasks, such as attaching a ramp to a frame, while enjoying the process;
  • Freedom of choice. Our furniture can be used in many different ways. The children choose exactly how they want to use their furniture;
  • Safety. Our furniture is designed to make it virtually impossible for children to hurt themselves.

How do children develop fine motor skills using Montessori furniture?

What are fine motor skills? It is a system of various movements that the small muscles of the hands are responsible for. These abilities do not develop on their own, but through certain exercises and hand gestures. If the toddler’s hand is well developed, they will write beautifully and with control. However, lack of exercise leads to weak and underdeveloped fingers, which can be an issue for the child later on in life. 

Fine motor skills influence many other important processes in the development of a child, including speech skills, attention span, thinking, spatial coordination, observation, visual and motor memory, concentration, and imagination. The brain areas responsible for these skills are directly connected to nerves in the fingers, which is why working with fingers is so important.

Montessori furniture helps children with tactile exploration and classification of shapes and objects, and both of these skills assist in the development of fine motor skills in a child.

How do children develop gross motor skills using Montessori furniture?

Gross motor skills involve the use of larger muscles such as the muscles in the arms, legs, and torso. While fine motor skills consist of precise control over small movements, gross motor skills require full-body coordination to perform larger and more general movements that allow individuals to travel through space. Parents develop their children’s gross motor skills by getting them to move around, sit down or get up, reach for a high shelf, or ride a bicycle. 

All of our furniture is built with the intent of supporting the development of gross motor skills. For example, Montessori triangles make it necessary for a child to actively move, climb, and navigate over the top of the triangle.

How does Montessori furniture develop creativity and imagination?

Montessori furniture not only develops motor skills, but also inspires imagination. In a child’s creative mind, the standard three-piece Montessori set can be a castle, a pirate ship, or a mountain, thanks to it being an engaging climbing structure.

Ideally, Montessori rooms and environments are open spaces with plenty of natural light. It is best not to fill the child's bedroom or playroom with too much furniture and toys; in this learning philosophy, less is more. WoodandHearts will help make your child’s room as efficient as possible to maximize your child's developmental potential.


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