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What do you do with the kids during quarantine?

What do you do with the kids during quarantine?

During the quarantine of 2020 and restrictions on social life, children were deprived of developmental activities in gardens and clubs, full walks, meetings with friends and often grandparents. However, they need to continue to develop. What should parents do? Make sure that children receive adequate nutrition and vitamins, follow the daily routine and breathe fresh air. At least ventilate regularly and keep them clean. For the safety of children, make sure they are not left alone in a room or on a balcony with windows open, or install special guards or grilles.

Board games
Find time to play his favorite board game with your child. After all, each child probably has his or her favorite games: "Field of Wonders", "Monopoly", "Guess the Melody", "Cities" and others. So take your time and play with the whole family - it's fun and informative. Or buy a big puzzle with a simple cartoon frame. Choose the time to get it together and have fun tonight.

Creativity lessons
On the Internet you can find many online handmade master classes: applications, embroidery, making dolls, decoupage, paper products, fabric, clay and other materials, making home soap, etc.

Reading books
Agree with the child that during the quarantine he will read a book of his own choice. Help him do it, or you can read it together. Then discuss the book, the characters, and ask the child to draw an episode (if he or she wants to).

Cook something delicious
Let your child choose an interesting meal, let him find the right recipe. Of course, quarantine isn't a good time to go shopping, but it's not like being hungry. Make sure you cook it together and show your child how to do it. If he likes, you can make it a family tradition and cook it together, for example, every Saturday.

Exercise sports
If schoolchildren during the quarantine at least some time busy with their studies and homework, curious failures before the age of 6 can turn the house into chaos in minutes. Point your child's energy in the right direction.

Wooden children's furniture made according to the Montessori method can help parents with this.

Active play at home on your own gym contributes!
1. Improvement of immunity, increased resistance to various diseases.
2. Development of muscles, musculoskeletal system, no problems with excess weight.
3. Strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
4. Training of discipline, willpower, character.

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