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Standard set (2-6 yo)

Standard set (2-6 yo)



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Standard set (2-6 yo)

Montessori standart set from 2 to 6 years old

The offer of educational resources for parents is enormous today. There are many techniques developed to make life easier for adults and promote the healthy growth of kids. We at the Woodandhearts company believe in the system approved by many parents and schools - the Maria Montessori one. We bet on the promising future of it because of the great experience. It may not seem like traditional methods, but it carries the very important idea: the child comes first, which is key to our business.

Every piece of furniture made by us includes among all the great love and faith that children are our future. If you are reading this article, it means that our values coincide and we have a lot to offer you and your little one.

What are the purpose, functionality, and other features of the standart set for children?

            The standard sets include 3 essential objects for the development of fine and gross motor skills of the child which are the Climbing Arch, the Climbing ramp, and the Climbing Triangle. All of them are suitable for kids from two to six years old. If your baby is much younger or older, we recommend you search among our other products so as not to take risks or size problems during use.

You'll be amazed at the variety of uses a preschooler can imagine, but the most popular is using the arch as a playhouse or balancing on the ramp. Kids love our products because they are very simple and very fun-filled at the same time. It can become the most useful gift you have ever given your baby.

The aesthetic and practical advantage for parents is that we are not only talking about utility, but also about quality and design. All our furniture is made of wood, so it is 100 percent ecological and cannot harm the growing organism. It can also be chosen in a wide variety of colors that will give parents an extra opportunity to organize a healthy and beautiful environment in the children's room.

Why is it advisable to buy the Woodandheart standart set?

            Remember, that when buying the standart Woodandheart set you have to think of the kid first, which coincides with the Montessori system. You can purchase our products on our official page and the ones of our partners. On the billing page, carefully check the sizes, colors, and delivery options so that your purchase is smooth and pleasant. If you have any questions or doubts, our online assistant will always help you find the best choice.

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