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Montessori Climbing Arches

Montessori Climbing Arches


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Montessori Climbing Arches

        WoodandHearts is a company that has been working for years bringing the best quality products to American and foreign customers. Our main objective is to guarantee parents the natural and pleasant development of their children. We do not make only the furniture: our arches, triangles, ramps, and many other things are educational tools for the little ones.

      We have taken the works of Dr. Pikler and Maria Montessori as a basis for making the best helpers for modern parents. The principle of interaction with WoodandHearts furniture is the total freedom of the child and the appropriate and progressive development of each one.

      By buying the Pikler-Montessori furniture you show the care and responsibility towards your baby, while we do the same manufacturing it.

What are Montessori arches?

     Montessori Arch is a bridge with many crossbars that makes it look like a ladder. It can be used in many different ways like making a tunnel, a bridge, and even a house to play with. It also combines very well with Montessori ramps and triangles, thus making constructions more difficult and interesting for children. To bring them more pleasure, take a look at our furniture sets.

      Climbing, running, crawling, and even resting with the Montessori Arch will bring not only delight but also a great development of the child`s fine and gross motor skills.

Materials, colors and other features

      We offer arches in two sizes: for the smallest (up to 4 years) and for those who already need a little more space (up to 8 years). When choosing an arch, pay attention to your child's needs so as not to limit their activity as Maria Montessori recommends.

      With children up to 4 years, we advise not to wear socks and to play barefoot in order to have more friction and minimize the related risks.

      It is very easy to get confused while choosing suitable colors because we have so many of them. If you like something simple and pleasant more, we recommend the natural wooden color.

      All our furniture is made of natural and ecological materials, so you will have no problem using it, recycling it or even selling after many years of usage.

Where to find it and how to buy it?

      On our official website or as well as on our Instagram, you can see more information about our production. If you want to order the arch or the complete set, you have to fill in the standard form with delivery details or contact our manager.
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What are fun activities for a child to do in a Montessori playroom?

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Diverse Montessori playroom activities are vital for your child. They keep them engaged, enhance skills, and strengthen your bond. For instance, try the "sound game" with noise-making items or the "shape game" with different objects.

Why wooden toys are often preferred in Montessori playrooms?

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Along with being biodegradable and sustainable, wooden Montessori toys are safe and durable, and they expose children to materials that come from nature.

What are Montessori toys?

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Made from natural materials such as wood, metal, cotton, and glass, Montessori toys provide kids with a broad range of qualities and textures to explore. They also encourage your kid to discover and connect with the natural world.

How to organize space in a Montessori Playroom?

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Montessori playrooms prioritize neatness and organization. Each toy has a designated spot on a shelf, and kids are encouraged to return toys after use. Regularly rotating toys keeps them engaged. This system instills responsibility, order, and the habit of tidying up, promoting development, new skills, and independence.

From what age can I start Montessori activities with my child?

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Montessori schools usually accept kids between 2.5 to 4 years old. Yet, some parents start introducing the Montessori Method to their children at home from infancy.

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