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Small set (8 mo - 4 yo)

Small set (8 mo - 4 yo)



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Small set (8 mo - 4 yo)

Montessori small set from 8-month-old to 4 years old

            The system developed by Maria Montessori aimed at the education of a strong and healthy personality includes a set of characteristics, among which are the appropriate psychological environment, the necessary participation of parents and educators, and, by the way, Montessori furniture. We deal with the last thing on the list. There is a wide range of Montessori furniture to find the most suitable one according to the child's age and activity level.

We want to present one of the pieces of furniture that we greatly honor: our small size set for kids from 8 months to six years.

What are the purpose, functionality, and other features of the small set for children?

            The small size set that includes Climbing Arch, Climbing Ramp, and Climbing Triangle is a great match for parents looking for a durable piece of furniture that will serve for years and will also be extremely useful. The most amazing thing is that these sets are absolutely suitable for both a baby of eight months and a child of preschool age.

We are very proud that our furniture develops fine motor skills that in turn affect the growth of the child: speech skills, attention, thinking, coordination in space, observation, memory (visual and motor), concentration, and imagination. The brain centers responsible for these abilities are directly related to the fingers and their nerves, so the texture of natural wood will help achieve the goals set by parents.

Speaking of the materials, we must distinguish the main characteristic of our production: all the furniture is made entirely of wood. This furniture will serve you year after year. It can be found in different colors, but for the greatest union with nature, we recommend paying attention to the color of the wood. To follow the Montessori principles, it is key to choose a friendly design (but thinking of the baby, not of the parents' liking) in conjunction with its practical utility for the child's development.

Why is it advisable to buy the Woodandheart small set?

If you are reading this article, this means that you are following the right direction that will lead you to the happiness and health of your child. Montessori furniture for children's rooms can be purchased only on our official page and on the pages of our partners. Beware of scams. If you have questions about the product, the delivery conditions, or the purchase services, contact the assistant in our online chat that can be found in the lower right corner of the page.

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