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What are Montessori Triangles by WoodAndHearts?

What are Montessori Triangles by WoodAndHearts?

The appropriate name for this triangle is the Pikler`s triangle. The design of the triangle was developed by Emmy Pikler, an outstanding Hungarian pediatrician and teacher. She discovered a direct relationship between the physical and mental development of a child and implemented new ideas for child development at an orphanage she ran. It was important for her to encourage the child's natural desire to move and develop at his own pace, and Pikler’s beliefs often coincided with the principles of Montessori.

Montessori Triangles consist of two short ladders fastened tightly together at the top. It is especially good for small children aged between 8 months and 8 years, due to its low height, many easy gripping places, small distance between the bars, angle of inclination, and compactness. These safe and helpful features make it obvious that the design was made by a teacher. The triangle can also act like a tent or a tunnel in the children’s imagination. In addition, the triangle does not need to be fastened to the floor or wall. It is easy to carry from room to room or to fold and stow away.

Why are the triangles so popular?

These triangles help children develop their autonomy at a faster pace. This means that adults have to let the child choose how to play with the furniture. The role of adults is critical in learning, and in the Montessori philosophy they act like companions, which is a more passive position than the superior role of mentor. However, the adult will be in charge of preparing the environment so that it is safe, motivating, and attractive, to encourage exploration. According to Pikler, free and active movement has numerous benefits in different aspects of the child’s physical, psychological, and emotional growth.

Frequent use of the triangles . . .  

  • Leads to more awareness of one's own body and its limitations;
  • Boosts self-confidence in the child; 
  • Enhances primitive reflexes;
  • Improves gracefulness by making children focus on coordination;
  • Increases the quality of learning and emotional development;

What are Montessori Triangles like?

On the WoodandHearts webpage, you can find triangles in three sizes – standard, small, and mini. The small and mini sizes are for children between 8 months and 4 years of age. We do not recommend using them with older children, since no object in a Montessori environment should be so small that it restricts movement. The standard size is larger and designed for children from 2 to 8 years old. We recommend watching the children at play when they are using our products.

WoodandHearts offers a wide selection of colors for Pikler triangles, ranging from soft and light colors to bright ones like our rainbow option. There is also the choice of a natural  wood appearance.

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