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Montessori Balance Boards

Montessori Balance Boards

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Montessori Balance Boards

Woodandhearts is a company that for many years has been manufacturing Pikler-Montessori furniture that greatly helps parents in the healthy and efficient development of their children. Our furniture is not only material things, it is a set of love and dedication towards our little consumers. By using them, the knowledge of the environment and the abilities of their own body are progressed.
      According to the principles of both Pikler and Montessori, the key to the growth of the child is not in imposition on the side of the parents, but in complete harmony with everything that surrounds each baby. Our task is to develop and propose a tool that will help to create an educational and pleasant environment.

What is the Montessori balancing board?

      The balance board is a piece of furniture very similar to the Montessori overturned arch. In general, it is a swing that is used in different ways depending on the age, interests, and activity level of the child. The best thing about this is the development of the vestibular system and fine and gross motor skills. It can also be used as the seat, balance swing, climbing frame, playhouse, and whatever your child can imagine.
      Montessori parents love this piece of furniture for being so entertaining for their children and for the limitless variety of its uses. This board is the best option if you want to occupy your children with self-development and game at the same time.

Materials, colors and other features

      The materials of each of our products are exclusively natural. First of all, it is simply more pleasant to touch natural wooden furniture. Secondly, wood prevents health risks connected with the use of plastic. Thirdly, according to Maria Montessori, the child has to grow up in the natural environment.
      The size of this swing really depends on the age and activity of the child, because everyone has to feel safe, playing with it. Be careful while choosing the board, so that it is suitable for your child.
      The variety of colors is our pride because we can offer a wide range from the simplest (such as white and gray) to the rainbow ones. Think about the colors of the walls and other furniture in the bedroom and choose the most suitable option.

Where to find it and how to buy it?

      When you know what size, color, and model you need, you can go directly to the purchase of the balance board. On our website, it is very easy to fill in the form with delivery details and quickly receive your best gift for your child. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact our manager.
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