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Montessori Ramps and Slides

Montessori Ramps and Slides

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Montessori Ramps and Slides

The education of children has always been a difficult and controversial subject. Some parents and doctors still keep arguing about the best methods and the systems that really work. At the beginning of our work, we chose a method (frankly two of them) that we consider the most efficient. It is the Pikler-Montessori method that we have been promoting among parents for many years.
      A child's freedom of activity selection has a lasting impact on their mental, intellectual and physical well-being and development. It is important to show respect for children at all times by explaining what causes it. None of the children need "help" through the stages of life. But what we can really do is support them with patience.
      Our production is a brilliant way to demonstrate this same support for parents and their children.

What are Montessori ramps?

     The Montessori ramp is a lumpy board similar to one of the ladder varieties. It is very easy to install it and use it together with other Montessori furniture. But you can also put it on the floor or lean it against the wall. It is a perfect complement to develop the skills of a child.
      It can be used on two sides considering that one has these bumps or stops and the other is completely smooth. We propose to use the second one as a slide with our other products such as triangles or arks. To have the full experience also take a look at our furniture sets.

Materials, colors and other features

      On our website, you can see the climbing ramps in two sizes: a standard and a small one. In this way, we give the possibility of entertaining kids from 8 months to 8 years. The most active will be delighted with more spacious and larger ramps. In addition, we do not recommend using the small ramps by older children so as not to limit their movements.
      The colors are varied from white to bright red, blue, green. You can choose a multicolored or natural wood one. By the way, the material we use is wood to prevent any risk connected with its usage.

Where to find it and how to buy it?

      All you have to do is visit our official website, choose the size and set you need, the color, and the country of delivery. We will do our best to send you a dream toy that not only serves to rest but also to grow a physically and mentally healthy personality.
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