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While your little one gets the benefits of child led play, you can cash in on benefits of your own! When you join the Wood and Hearts Rewards Program you can start earning points to spend on future purchases.

The future is bright. It’s brighter with Wood and Hearts.

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With Wood and Hearts Rewards, you can collect points to redeem on other purchases.

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Playtime is better with a friend!

When you refer someone to the Wood and Hearts Rewards Program, not only do you get 1,500 Points, but they get 1,500 Points as well. It’s a win-win, and a great way to let other parents enjoy the rewards of Wood and Hearts.

Ways to spend

$10 off coupon

3,000 points

$20 off coupon

6,000 points

$50 off coupon

15,000 points

$100 off coupon

30,000 points

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