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How can you reduce the stress of modern life with WoodandHearts?

How can you reduce the stress of modern life with WoodandHearts?

Family routines shifted noticeably in the past several decades. In today’s world, it is more common for both parents to work full-time. A recent study reports that the number of families in which both parents are working has increased to 46 percent, compared to the 1970s when the amount was only 31 percent.

There are often problems faced by working couples that negatively affect their children, such as:

  • Stressful and urgent responsibilities at work;
  • Increased sense of guilt for not spending enough time with their child;
  • Having difficulty properly organizing family time and activities at home.

It is also more common to see families living far apart from grandparents and extended families, which contributes to the lack of familial interaction for kids. While answers to some of these issues can be resolved, WoodandHearts assists parents with improving the quality of the time they do devote to their children:

  • Our playsets provide many beneficial developmental activities for children, according to the current pedagogical data drawn from the works of Pikler, Waldorf and Montessori.
  • With our playset, spending time with your toddler will always be interesting and enriching.
  • The health and happiness of children are the priority of most parents, and this set is an engaging and worthwhile gift that children would appreciate, thus improving the self-esteem of the parents as well.

Playing with a child on our playset is not only fun, but it also spurs much needed development in your kid. WoodandHearts furniture playsets for children are safe, eco-friendly, and pleasant to look at and interact with. We put our utmost effort into studying and modeling every detail of our products to provide children with the best furniture available.

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