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Recent Valuable Collaborations

Recent Valuable Collaborations

Wood is a natural, strong, and extremely beautiful material that will help create a warm, cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your child's bedroom. The most common types of wood that are used in the manufacture of children's furniture are pine, oak, birch, maple, and ash. Each of these types of wood has its own unique qualities, which can give a room its own personality.

Wooden furniture for children, covered with a layer of paint, is just as common. Such a coating effectively protects the wood from damage, and also fills the children's room with a cheerful ambience.

All WoodAndHearts furniture is made of birch plywood because birch wood is a natural material that does not cause allergies. Birch wood has many other useful properties:

  • softness, which allows us to make furniture of any complexity;
  • dries fast without cracking or without loss of the natural and soothing appearance, which is crucial for the Montessori environment;
  • high quality after processing: processed birch plywood is just as effective  other, more expensive types of wood such as oak — by making equally durable products for less cost, we can offer you luxury furniture at a low price;
  • does not absorb odors

The main advantage of the material is its moisture resistance. Due to this quality, birch plywood is suitable for the manufacture of many types of products.

Remember that wooden Montessori furniture is 100% environmentally friendly: it does not contain or emit toxic substances into the air, which is important for children's well-being. Therefore, feel free to choose wooden furniture for your children's bedroom - this is an attractive option.

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